Golden Stage Club is a union of visionary  people with a burning desire  to fulfill their dreams and excel themselves in most  demanded skills of this era. We work on the most practical method of personal development  i.e Share your valuable learning, and unique experiences with each other via Golden Stage through videos and conducting your own webinars.

How to procced?

Golden Stage Club is is totally free to join. All you need to do is getting added to our telegram group.

Now you have access to a wonderful platform where you can conduct your own webinar and you have a golden opportunity to embed your best experiences and learnings in a Video of upto 9 minutes and get it posted on our youtube channel.

After framing your best learnings and experiences  a in a maximum 9 minute video, Submit it to our telegram group along with your introduction and  social links to be pasted in the discription of your video.

Grab the vast and valuable knowledge and experiences from each other through regular webinars conducted by club members itself. You can directly schedule your webinar by informing us about your topic and you details on Telegram group.

Golden Stage also provides you the opportunity to frame your knowledge in words and submit it through telegram and get them featured on Golden Stage Website.

Achievers Speak...

i am very thankful to golden stage club for providing such a simple but amazing platform for self development. I always wanted to excel myself in public speaking and as soon as i get in touch with golden stage , i was able to host my own webinar
Oftenly we have seen that we all want to express our views and wanna improve our communication skills , leadership skills and self gromming by actual ground level working and Golden Stage provides such a great oppotunity to do that.
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